Attention after the laser hair removal

Attention after the treatment.

1 During the treatment ,please not stay the handle in one place long time. 

2 Please use the soft neutral cleaning products and warm water to clean skin 

3 Use moisture face masker to supply more water to the skin . 

4 Use the VC cream or neutral moisture cream to protect the skin . 

5 Please use the sun cream not less than SPF 30 

6 In one month after the treatment please use high SPF sun cream and avoid 

sunburnt .Because strong sunshine will prove the hyperpigmentation happened . 

7 Within 24 hours after treatment to avoid using hot water to take shower ,avoid 

to use antiperspirant,avoid to swimming in the pool with High chlorine. 

8 A light make-up is available after the treatment ,But the operator suggest to 

stop the make-up ,once there are any destroy or infection and contact your 

beautician or doctor to help you . 

9 After the treatment ,therapy can use the handle to cool down the skin 5 to 10 

minutes.The machine should be in standby status when do the cooling .

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