Dual handpiece working system diode laser

Dual handles diode lsaer hair removal machine is very suitable for beauty salon.There are some dual handle diode laser hair removal machines on the market. However, no hair removal machine with two handles that can work at the same time.

But now,we have.

We UNT has a diode hair removal machine with two handles that can work together or separately .Many costumers chose this machine.


Why people choose UNT Dual handles diode lsaer hair removal machine?


1,Why dual handles?

  When there are fewer customers, you can choose the right handle according to your body part. When there are many customers, the two handles can be used by two customers as two devices. For example, one handle is used for customer A's thigh, and the other handle is used for customer B's arm.

  Beauty salons generally choose a high-powered handle plus a low-powered handle. Such a low-power handle can be used on the face, and a high-power handle can be used on the body.This can greatly reduce the treatment time. The two handles are independent systems and do not interfere with each other. In addition, it can save space, you can put it between two beds, and it won't take up too much space.


2,Why us?

We are a company that pays great attention to innovation and quality, and our equipment is constantly updated. Now I changed from 50A to 100A laser bar. The 100A laser bar reduces the time the laser spends on the skin per second, which reduces the risk of burns. This machine adopts the best cooling system (water + wind + double TEC + sapphire), which can achieve completely painless hair removal. And, as a diode laser hair removal device, the hair removal effect is of course there. On this point, please refer to the attached video.



I know that many salons only have one hair removal machine. Many salons cannot afford two devices. Two diode laser hair removal devices, even a portable model, more than $7,000. But this machine is definitely lower than that.And the shipping cost of one machine is cheaper than two machines.


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