How to choose 808 diode laser hair removal machine ?

Have you done market research on laser hair removal devices?

808 nm is currently recognized as the "gold band" for hair removal in the market.It is also the most cost-effective choice of hair removal equipment on the market.
There are many types of hair removal machine on the market, so we need to carefully understand the characteristics of each instrument, cooling methods, working hours and other issues.

The diode laser hair removal on the market is divided into single-band 808nm freezing depilate equipment, and 755 808 1064nm triple waves hair remova lmachine. So how to choose which band of hair removal equipment to use?According to the patient's skin type and hair color, choose 808nm or three wavelengths. Most people in Asia should have thick black hair, but for medium skin tones, 808nm diode laser are suitable. For European and African patients, who have white skin, light-colored hair, or dark-skinned black hair, three wavelengths diode laser are more suitable.But the price of 808nm will be more cost-effective than the price of three waves laser hair removal machine.

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