Multifunctional diode laser hair removal + nd yag laser tattoo removal

Advanced multi-function 2 in 1
Diode laser (808nm+755nm+1064nm)+ Nd yag laser (532nm + 755nm + 1064nm +1320nm).
Two handles together working system, one machine can realize the function of two machines,  lower cost, higher work efficiency and bring more profits to your beauty salon.



Smart System:


1 Dual system interface

One interface consists of two operating systems, the advantages of multi-functional is more to meet the growing needs of beauty.

2 Smart Mode And Expert Mode
Unique interactive LED display that guides you through each treatment. 2 modes of hair removal control, one is smart, another is expert mode. Even inexperienced beauticians can easily operate the UNT machine


3 Gender selection
Intelligent selection based on the sex of the person being treated, male or female


4 Skin color and body part selection
According to the skin color and body parts of the depilator, the intelligent generation of accurate parameters


5 Advanced warning system
Including water temperature, water temperature, water level, water flow rate, handle temperature. Hidden failures can be early found and maintenance cost can be cut through the monitoring of machine status for you . 




Permanent laser hair removal, Laser tattoo removal, Remove tattoo of eyelid, Skin rejuvenation , Skin whitening, Freckles removal, Nevus removal



Diode laser + ND:Yag laser


Diode Laser: 500W(spot size:15*15mm); 600W(spot size:15*20mm); 800W(spot size:15*30mm); 1000W(spot size:15*40mm); 1200W(spot size:15*40mm). Different laser power for choice.


   ND:YAG Laser: 1320nm+532nm+1064nm+755nm. Powerful dual laser bar handpiece has 50% more power than single bar handpiece.

Machine technical specifications
Device Screen Intelligent 12 inch color touch LCD screen
Warning system Water temperature; Water level; Handle crystal temperature; Water flow rate
Language Choice English / Spanish / German / French or as your request (One system can configure four languages simultaneously)
Shield material High quality metal shield
Cooling system Water cooling+TEC 450W cooling+Wind cooling+ Sapphire crystal cooling
Handpiece technical specifications
Laser type Diode laser  ND:Yag laser 
Laser power 500w/600w/800w/1000w/1200w Max 500W
Laser bar American Coherent Inc laser bar ∅ 5+∅ 6
Spot size 15*15mm/15*20mm/15*30mm/15*40mm /
Wavelength 808nm / 808+755+1064nm 532nm,755nm,1064nm,1320nm
Screen size of the handle 2.4 inch color touch lcd screen /
Pulse length 10~300MS 6ns
Energy density 10~140J/cm² 10-2000mJ/cm²


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