OEM/ODM beauty skin rejuvenation opt / shr / E-LIGHT / ipl hair removal machine

IPL Hair Removal is a popular hair removal treatment to burn hair follicles and ultimately reduce hair growth. The treatment uses light energy to heat up high pigment areas, damaging hair follicles that slow hair growth or even prevent it from growing back completely.

Product Description

IPL / SHR / E-LIGHT / OPT / YAG LASER  handle for choice

How does IPL affect hair?

*The IPL generates a beam of intense, concentrated light of varying wavelengths, which is directed to the desired area using a hand-held sensor. The pigment in the hair absorbs the energy distributed by IPL, a very large heat energy is released, which destroys the hair follicle. No bulb, hair does not grow back.


Benefits of IPL Laser Hair Removal

* Fast treatment sessions with lowest pain levels
* Effective treatments even on dark skins
* Various light intensity levels suit every individual pain tolerance
* Very precise and targeted
* Does not affect surrounding skin tissue
* Really safe and danger-free if you’re suitable and you follow the instructions
* Long lasting results up to 8 weeks for at-home laser hair removal and up to 24 months for clinical
* At-home best permanent hair removal devices are cost effective and save time and effort
* Home laser comes with money back guarantees and global warranty
* Few minor side effects including redness, acne, itching, photosensitivity, and swelling, rarely last for more than 48 hours
* No serious side effects unless you do not follow the instructions.

*Removing freckle: Freckle, chloasma, sunburn, age spots, brown spots 
*Pimple: Scabby, acne, allergic 
*Couperose skin: Congenital, skin replace, red face, erythema, allergic 
*Tender skin: Contraction pore, remove black heads, spot, Nasolabial folds, whitening

*Hair removal:Armpit hair, Beard, Hair on body, Bob line、Bikini part


Technical parameters Elight/SHR/SSR
Type Intense pulsed light
Display 12" color touch LCD screen
Wavelength (430/480/530/640/690)nm-950nm / 640nm-950nm / 530nm-950nm
Energy density 1-60J/cm2 / 1-26J/ -26J
Spot size 15*40mm2 15*50mm2 15*50mm2
Cooling system Water+wind+semiconductor
Emitter output power 2000W
Power supply 2500W
Shots 300,000

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