Professional Two in one DPL and Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Handle Diode laser handle + DPL handle
Device warranty 2 year + Life-time after sale service
Diode laser wavelength 808nm/755nm/1064nm/940nm
DPL wavelength AR(420-520nm), PR(550-650nm),

VR(500-600nm), SR(560-950nm), HR(650-950nm)

Diode Laser Spot size 15mm*15mm/15mm*20mm/15mm*30mm/15mm*40mm/φ6mm
DPL Spot size 12mm*50mm
Diode Laser bars power 800W/1200W/1500W
DPL Lamp Xenon lamp (UK)


Professional Two in one DPL and Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

One device with 2 different kinds of working handles, 2 in 1 achieves more than 15 kinds of treatment items. Best investment, and most satisfied return. Diode laser and DPL techniques.


808nm+DPL configuration

Hair removal
The diode laser handle uses a 1200w big power laser stack and is supported by 5 changeable spot sizes: 6*6, 15*15;15*20; 15*30; 15*40

Facial skin rejuvenation
DPL spot size is 12*50 with 5 different wavelengths choices:
AR(420-520nm) PR(550-650nm) VR(500-600nm) SR(560-950nm) HR(650-950nm)
To achieve face whitening, firming, wrinkle removal, and skin glowing

Unique Hair Follicle Analysis
Analyze and compare the results before and after hair removal to help analyze the skin type and maintenance after hair removal

Two in one DPL and Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Application

Two in one DPL and Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Technical Advantages

Intelligent Android System
15.6-inch Android system support internet access, storage and intelligent information processing.

High Efficiency

1200W laser handle with 15*20 spot size, exclusive customized laser stack with focuslight laser bar achieves 3 times more efficient hair removal result than normal one.


Italy’s super quiet water pump gives us a wonderful treatment experience and enhances the device’s water heat dissipation and longer the device running time.

Compressor cooling system makes sure the device is 24 hours running normally and is 2 Times stronger than ordinary refrigeration system. Ensure the working handle always stays at 5~8 degrees. No burn, no frozen hurt.

Diode Laser Machine with More Options

Technical Specifications of Two in one DPL and Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Electrical power 4500VA
Handle Diode laser handle + DPL handle
Machine screen 15.6 inch OGS Android screen
Cooling system Compressor cooling + Water cooling +Wind cooling + Sapphire + Semiconductor
Refrigeration power 300W
Input voltage 100V-130V(50/60hz) / 220V-240V(50/60hz)
Device warranty 2 year + Life-time after sale service
Machine size 560mm*1350mm*470mm
Package size 630mm*550mm*1290mm
Diode laser handle
Diode laser wavelength 808nm/755nm/1064nm/940nm
Laser bars power 800W/1200W/1500W
Spot size 15mm*15mm/15mm*20mm/15mm*30mm/15mm*40mm/φ6mm
Handle screen 2.1 inch touch LCD screen + 1.3 inch display screen
Energy density 10-140J/cm²
Frequency 1-10Hz
Duration 10-300ms
DPL handle
DPL wavelength AR(420-520nm), PR(550-650nm),VR(500-600nm), SR(560-950nm), HR(650-950nm)
Spot size 12mm*50mm
Lamp Xenon lamp (UK)
DPL Handle shooting warranty 300,000

Some questions about UNT after sale?

How about your after sale service support?
You will get VIP after sale service once we cooperated: 1. Professional Multi Languages After Services Team (English, Russia, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic…) 2. Marketing Materials show how to help you make profit with our machine. 3. ONLINE Training for fast education.

What can I do if the machine doesn’t work when I receive it?
Our machines all passed strict quality testing before delivery, with Aluminium package for safety transportation, double guarantee the good quality machine when arrived your place. If  the machine doesn’t work, our after sales service engineers will contact you immediately, and provide the manual and video show how to make it works quickly. So you don’t worry about this.

What can i do if the machine is broken?
We have TUV ISO13485, Medical CE, FDA, CE, has very strict quality control system, you can trust the quality. We offer 1 free year warranty and lifetime maintenance for mainframe. If the machine has any problem,our professional after sales service engineer will contact you at once and find out what the problem is,then they will send you new parts free of charge within 2 working days and help you to change it, and ensure the machine works well.

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