Vertical weight lose slimming beauty ems muscle stimulation sculpting machine


*Android System

*Body Fat Scales

*Pelvic Floor Chair Cushion

Vertical weight lose slimming beauty ems muscle stimulation sculpting machine

  Product Principle


EMS Muscle Stimulation Machine Application

Muscle Building, Fat Burning, Body Slimming, Butt Lifting, The average muscle thickness increased by 16%, The average improvement
of rectus abdominis was 11%. 
Prevention and treatment of stress urinary incontinence
Promote postpartum recovery
Increased vaginal wall thickness and lubrication after menopause

  Before and After Photos of EMS Muscle Sculpt Machine


Products Advantages

1.To avoid movement and falling off during treatment, there are 4 specially designed lengths’ connection for the body handles, which can be selected according to the treatment sites and the treatment customers.
2. The limb handle has dual output functions of RF and EMS. Either single EMS/RF or EMS+RF can be selected according to different treatment functions/areas/customers. One handle equals two, to save space and cost for customers. 

3.Unique Advanced Android System


4. The Body Composition Analyzer connected with machine by bluetooth can record and analyze the varying data of before and after treatment, like weight, fatness mass, muscle mass, BMI index, body fat rate,etc. 

   5. WEB Customers/Equipment Management System

According to the annual equipment usage records, generate annual data statistics, which is convenient for customers to manage and analyze the use of annual reports; 
According to the records, the annual statistical curve is generated, which can be used as a reference for whether to add new equipment or maintenance in the next year. 

The quarterly and monthly usage duration and frequency of equipment are collected to analyze market cycles.


6. Clients can enjoy music, movies, games, and other entertainment activities during the treatment.

Eletrical Power 4500W
RF Power 5Mhz
Output Frequency 10-90hz
Pulse Duration 250us
Voltage 110V/220V
Packing Size 50cm*60cm*123cm

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